Good morning Polska!

Good morning Polska!

Let’s appreciate the freedom of speech while it exists, because it may be soon taken away from us. The aim of this blog is not to vent the gall on everyone and everything or to make drama. Polish are Polish, of course, of course and there is no need to bumble around or no space for lofty pleas. A little commentator was awaken inside my head and it looks that he is more determined than my inner slacker and more obstinate than elderly grannies watching over the cross in front of the presidential palace. Welcome everybody!

Blogosphere lets everyone in, Word endures all, so there is no need to justify my presence here, neither to spare information about me. A few times in my life I’ve proven to be more clever and astute than some well-known politicians, and a few times I acted so idiotically that I got invited to the cast of „Dumb and Dumber” as „the Dumbest. The balance of losses and wins is unobvious. And this is what it all will be about.

I haven’t invented dynamite or a brain implant (that many, including me, are still awaiting), but I’ve performer a few maneuvers in different directions and it taught me to notice worthwile phenomena, to name them and to make fun of them. The project of law that forces anyone to follow this blog has not been voted in yet, which means that if you do not want to read my posts, you don’t have to. Committed fans, followers and secret admirers can demonstrate their appreciation by transferring cash to my bank account. I promise to spend it wisely.

If anyone anytime feels offended by a comment or a post, please keep it to yourself or take a pen adn a piece of paper and write his impressions down and give it to someone who gives a crap. Resemblance to persons and events is intentional. If you have time to take offence, making drama or entering discussions, then knock yourself out. Join the joyride!

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