Forget about the dress rehearsal

In the evening, I am really fond of resting and planning all my tasks that I will accomplish on that magical day called „tomorrow”. Usually, the biggest success of the following day is to lay down again and plot some more plans of conquering the universe. Of course, before anything ever happens I will find zillion reasons why the following day will be the „one”, or maybe the day after will turn out to be even better because of the sun (or moon) eclipse or maybe it will be a Christian holiday that will enable this miracle to finally happen.


Sounds familiar? The most painful is the fact that we don’t even realize when we stop believing in our own empty nonsense and we lay in the warm embrace of medicrity. Failure, stagnation, nothingness, lack of perspectives. When you heard of procrastination, you thought „Oh, that’s me! I am not lazy, I am sick. Mom was unfair when calling me a slacker! In fact I deserve DLA.” But today’s entry is not about it. Today is about forgiving yourself your uselessness and telling yourself that for some mysterious reason you are not ready to start taking action.

The Almighty Google says „ready is better than perfect”. Someone wise said „if you’re not ashamed of your first product, it means that you started too late”. As a proud owner of a black belt in procrastination, I confim that these words deserve to be written with helvetica (bitches love helvetica) on a photograph of a cheesy landscape and to be set as a wallpaper on your Mac. People, get your shit together!

Words of wisdom: the ideal timing doesn’t exist and you will never be 100% ready for the unknown, because, in fact, it is unknown! And you’ve never done it before! The feeling of uselessness, complete lack of knowledge and unavoidable mistakes are part of the equation and the strategy. You will start solving problems once they appear, so at the very first stage of the proces don’t bother with a pre-analysis of atoms and planets movements, of time and space and of the opinion of the ruling party. Accept the fact that your first project is a fuck-up and at the moment you are an idiot and for an undetermined period of time you will stay so.

Yet, on no account let it stop you taking action! You will easily get used to looking like a complete ass. Neither your friends will be surprised with it anymore. The craziness makes sense, because it is not about doing things perfectly. Life will not give you the white glove test. It will issue a bill for all the adventures and challenges. You will never have enough money to buy an insurance against unknown circumstances, because life starts where there is no scenario. Isn’t it all about it?

So, if you have an idea and a plan, don’t let life fly by your sofa. Dry your tears, turn Netflix off, put your pants on (no, not that dirty tracksuit) and do the first thing on your „I will never manage to do it” list. In a year you will thank yourself that you started a year ago.

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