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A series of discoveries of the decade: life is not divided into semesters

A decade of life between your 20th and 30th birthday is a period of revolutionary discoveries about humanity and social context in which we operate. We learn that taxes exist, later on you understand that you need to pay them or that University degrees in many cases are useless and that you need to pull your shit together and face the real world.

You can laugh, but one of my most spectacular discoveries was the fact that in adulthood there are no semesters. What does it really mean? This brutal state of things carries the following consequences.

1.Summer holidays become a two-week vacation. (Yes, this is the moment when you can go to the corner and cry). Two months of vacation you had only in kindergarten and it won’t come back, so I hope you spent it wisely. It will never happen again unless you’re kicked out from work and every employer finds you useless. If you suffer from the illusion that even in high school or college you can waste your time, the punishment will be severe and after graduation you will not be given much vacation. Been there, done that.

2.Your work has a longer „use by date” than a few months. Do not deceive yourself, that your projects are short episodes and that you bury tchem seven feet underground. No. These important projects are underway for months and years. Even the short ones, although you may not have to deal with them on a daily basis, they will haunt you forever. Their quality speaks of the quality of your work, of your competence and of you, so walk the extra mile. F**k, I wish I knew it before.

3.The abovementioned “continuity” of work and projects gives them their purpose.  At school it was different, you could somehow get by until the end of the semester with the minimum effort.  In the real life you must use absorbed knowledge and learn from mistakes, but most of all you must have a vision – a sense of “what is to be the output”. Otherwise don’t bother and go for a beer in a park (because if you don’t have a vision, this is all you’ll be able to afford).

The matter is serious and the list of effects and consequences is long. Fortunately, this isn’t rocket science and you just need to understand that you should think about further steps early enough and consciously make decisions. (Damn, so wisely said). You’re running out of time, so the sooner you change your way of thinking, the greater the chance that you won’t suffer from a nervous breakdown due to a lack of goal. I wish you all luck!

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