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Hipocrisy is a childhood disease

Once my dear (OMG! to arms!) muslim friend explained to me that according to his beliefs there are 7 stages of hell. I am unable to recall what was the exact dependence between the religion you follow and your burden of sins, but one thing I remember well (and it was really long time ago). It turned out that the deepest and hottest storey of satan’s kingdom is inhabited by hypocrites – despite their beliefs. Checkmate dear catholics!

He that is without sin amoung us, let him first throw an iPhone. I am no saint. All of us have acted in a way qualifying us to get boiled in the biggest one of the devil’s pots. We could as well chant „We are all hipocrites”. Examples are easy to find. We all complain about complaining and we talk behind our collegue’s back, who is doing the exact same thing in the exact same moment. Yet, the best of all is to point out someone’s faults in order to demonstrate alike behaviour the moment after.

Life hack: mind your own business.

Exactly. Start with critically assessing your flawless actions and you will see whether you really would like to be judged and treated the same way you treat that „twat living on the 3rd floor”, that „stupid idiot from school” or „your f**d-up boss”. When you confess all your sins, you will get rid of your faults and you will become a transcendent being, then you are allowed to pick on your neighbour. However, before you get there, stand in front of a mirror and discuss with yourself your own merits for the human race. I guarantee, it is more difficult, more useful and cheaper than a visit at a confessional.


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