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The worst type of a human being

Contact with such people is like walking around the ward of infectious diseases with open wounds. Although, at the beginning you feel a soft itching, soon its effects become long-lasting and painful. Part of you dies in agony. And all you had to do was not to enter the place..

There are people who squelch. There are also people who have saliva in corners of their mouth when they speak. Others walk slowly on narrow sidewalks. All of the above make you want to hit them with a crowbar in the back of their heads. Such phenomena form endless lists but there is gangrene among them. The worst type of human species is the one that never takes responsibility for anything and is gulity for nothing.

For every rain of shit or even a drizzle he blames someone else than himself. He always does the good thing and if something doesn’t work properly then it is because others unabled him to do it as it should be done. His projects at work are sabotaged by his colleagues’ stupidity and incompetence. He didn’t pass an exam because the system sucks and his lack of knowledge is in fact a protest against it. He got bold because of the low quality air in Warsaw and he will sue the maire (of course hair on his legs is doing fine). He got late to a meeting because you had choses (on purpose) the area where it is impossible to find a parking spot. Of course you got on time because you commute with a helicopter. Summing up, you suck big time and you’re the reason for his failure and most important: your life is better than his!

That was the bad news, now it’s time for the worse one. His annoying claims are just the top of the iceberg in the repertoire of his distinctive behaviours. He is hiding another secret: he is demanding! Being in one room with him is like bathing in Lucifer’s hottest hellish bolier with your P.E. teacher from primary school, rude sales assistant from communist times and whole the Kelly Family band. A nightmare!

Due to the fact that in his own mind that twat is a genius, he thinks he deserves it all: praise from his mom, million dolar net salary (or in general tax exemption), the title of Miss World and year of holidays. If he doesn’t get it, then it is social injustice and he is the victim of the system. Don’t be deceived – it is not a show-off. He really believes in all he says. For God’s sake, kill me, please.

You can attempt to enter into this story and try to wake him up but it makes no sense at all. He has lived in Wonderland for a long time. He fell into the imaginary whole in the ground and sees no need in crawling out to the surface. In his dreams he doesn’t need to confront the reality.

Ok, so you noticed that you have someoneone like this around you and you have to deal with him. What now? Don’t give any signs (just nod your head) and silently move away to a safe distance. Wave to him from the far.

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